Not a Matter of Faith

It seems that the days of “legal, safe and rare” are gone for those who advocate for a “pro-choice” position. And it seems that pro-choice advocates are becoming more irrational, ignoring common sense, logic and science, and are operating solely on emotion. All of that can be demonstrated by three instances, one in New York, one in Pennsylvania and one in Georgia.

In New York, a pro-life rally held in Time Square on May 4, called “Alive in New York,” clearly demonstrated the reality that what is growing in the womb of a pregnant woman is not a “what,” but a “whom.” It is a child. The organizers set up a 4-D ultrasound of a child in the womb. There was silence at the moment the ultrasound was shown, even from those on the pro-choice side. Science reveals there is a child in the womb. This is not a matter of faith or opinion.

In Pennsylvania, state Rep. Brian Sims showed an ugly side of the pro-choice movement when he harassed an older, pro-life woman who was peacefully praying outside an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. A massive pro-life rally was held in Philadelphia on May 10 that demonstrated the massive groundswell against Sims and his horrible actions.

In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill entitled the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality” that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Some Hollywood studios are leaving Georgia in protest, and some actors, like Alyssa Milano, are calling for a “sex ban” by women until “abortion rights” are permitted again. Milano’s call is really, and unknowingly, for chastity and abstinence.

Thirty states have introduced similar pro-life bills. Sadly, New York is not one of them. We need to continue to operate in the pro-life movement in our state on three fronts.

First, we need to pray and sacrifice. Can we pray for a greater respect for all human life, from conception to natural death every day, both personally and at all our Masses?

Second, we need to educate our people that being pro-life is not a religious feeling; it is a scientific fact. All those who support abortion need to examine, objectively, the truth that medical science and technology offers. To deny that is to deny truth.

Third, we need to be very aware of politicians who are pro-abortion and challenge them in their beliefs. Are they really “pro-woman” or do they have other agendas in play?

Abortion is murder, now and always. Pray for the victims of this slaughter – the mothers, the fathers, the children, and, yes, those in the abortion industry.

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