Letters to the Editor

Not a Great Day for the Irish

Dear Editor: Looking at the results of the May 22 referendum in Catholic Ireland, the question arises like a tidal wave – how did the homosexuals manage it?

First, the gays had all the money they needed to command an already compliant media.

Second, the European Union and the transnational corporations were solidly behind the “Yes” vote.

Finally, an initio, the Irish bishops conceded the field, and the band played on.

It was not a great day for the Irish!



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One thought on “Not a Great Day for the Irish

  1. I am not familiar with the Irish media, however I know that the media in the United States only presents one side of the “Same Sex Marriage” argument / debate. The Pro Tradional / Natural Marriage supporters are censored and not heard. when you only hear one side of the issue of course many are swayed.