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New York’s Shameful Legacy

Dear Editor: Kudos to John Hourig for his eloquent and passionate comments (Jan. 23) titled “Life is Cheap.” Truly, a sad state of affairs, but a well-articulated home run. On April 9, 1970, the N.Y.S. Assembly took up the debate and roll call on the Abortion Bill, which ended in a deadlock (74-74) – two votes short of the 76 needed for a majority. Before the vote was closed, Assemblyman George Michaels of Cayuga County rose and switched his vote from Nay to Aye. The vote now stood at (75-73) The house Speaker Perry Duryea voted Aye making it (76-74). Bill passed. A day of infamy.

The following day, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller signed the law and the Supreme Court used the N.Y. law as passed as the legal design and stimulus for the infamous Roe v. Wade decision – an arrogant and selfish death sentence of holocaust proportions for millions upon millions of unborn and partially born babies, and a decision, which many legal minds labeled as bad law. A law, which Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the founding father of Roe v. Wade, later admitted was based on lies, smoke and mirrors, rigged polls, a biased media and a purposeful infusion of anti-Catholic spin and rhetoric.

Many of the points in Mr. Hourig’s letter, are surely the venal, self-seeking price we pay today, for a cowardly and inhumane 1970 law and act of insanity. The most ominous consequence of the slippery slope to man’s descent into hell and eternal damnation in our world today, is man’s inhumanity to man driven by a total disrespect and contemptuous insensitivity to all life, from the womb to the tomb, which festers and spreads unchecked.


Dyker Heights

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