New Priests Have Many To Inspire Them

The Diocese of Brooklyn was very blessed this past Saturday with the ordination to the priesthood of three men: Father Alex Olszewski; Father Andrew Tsui; and Father Dung (Vincent) Vu.

What a blessing these three newly-ordained priests will be to their parishes, bringing their faith, hope, and charity, their enthusiasm, and skills to their new parochial communities!

If the three newly ordained priests of the Diocese of Brooklyn are in need of inspiration, they need to look no further than those priests who are celebrating their 70th, 60th, 50th, and 25th anniversaries of their ordination.

Among this number would be pastors like Msgr. David Cassato, whose pastoral ministry extends far beyond the boundaries of his beloved Saint Athanasius-St. Dominic parish, to countless others in New York City as a police chaplain and to thousands of Catholic school students in our Diocese as the Vicar for Catholic Education.

The work that Msgr. Cassato has done in his parishes, in his apostolates, and personally, by being available to be “the priest” whom so many parishioners feel comfortable calling when in need is immense, which is why over 1,000 people turned out recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ordination. And Msgr. Cassato is not alone.

All of the priests who are celebrating significant anniversaries of ordination know the joys and sorrows, the highs and the lows, of being a priest of Jesus Christ for the People of God. For all of them, we are grateful.

These young priests can look to the example of Father Frank Tumino, the pastor of the parishes of Saint Augustine-St. Francis Xavier.

Father Tumino, as we know, discovered his historic parish church of Saint Augustine violated, the tabernacle stolen, the most blessed Sacrament desecrated.

As an experienced pastor, and a priest of 24 years, Father Tumino bravely bears the responsibility of shepherding a community that is hurting badly and, in his own way, by being pleasant, present, and prayerful, he is trying to bring healing to his parishioners. For all of our priests in Brooklyn and Queens who are laboring to bring the good news of the Lord by their very presence, we are very grateful.

These newly ordained priests can look to the examples of Bishop Paul Sanchez, ordained in 1971 a priest and ordained a bishop in 2012.

The pastor of Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Bishop Sanchez is a retired auxiliary bishop who remains active as a parish  pastor. Those who know Bishop Sanchez can attest that he is the  model of a highly intelligent, extremely pastoral priest and bishop who is an example of genuine holiness.

And this can be said about the other bishops of our Diocese. For all of our bishops in Brooklyn and Queens, we are very grateful.

Lord, for our three new priests, we are very grateful; Lord, for our priests celebrating significant ordination anniversaries, we are very grateful; for our priests leading and helping our parishes who have suffered much, we are grateful; for our holy bishops, we are very grateful, Lord.