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New Orleans Archbishop: Do Not Help Build Abortion Clinic

by Peter Finney Jr.

NEW ORLEANS (CNS) – Faced with the looming construction of a multimillion-dollar, regional abortion facility by Planned Parenthood Gulf South, New Orleans Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond has cautioned local Catholics and businesses they would be “cooperating with the evil that will take place” at the clinic if they participated in its preparation or construction.

In an open letter, published in the Clarion Herald, the archdiocesan newspaper, Archbishop Aymond said the caution extends to any person or business “involved in the acquisition, preparation and construction of this (abortion) facility.”

The archbishop also indicated the archdiocese would not do future business “with any person or organization that participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.”

“This policy applies to all businesses, regardless of religious affiliation or nonaffiliation,” Archbishop Aymond wrote. “Our fidelity to Church teaching and our conscience necessitates this stance.”

Planned Parenthood currently operates two clinics in Louisiana – in New Orleans and Baton Rouge – but does not perform abortions in the state.

In its public statements about the proposed 7,000- to 8,000-square-foot facility, located about five minutes from two universities and on a site easily accessible by public transportation, Planned Parenthood Gulf South indicated it would seek a state license to perform abortions.

There are five, free-standing abortion clinics in Louisiana – in New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Bossier City – but Archbishop Aymond said the proposed regional abortion clinic will be “the largest of its kind in Louisiana.”

Using information obtained from a construction permit that was approved by the city of New Orleans in December, experts have determined that Planned Parenthood could perform “upwards of 30 abortions per day,” Archbishop Aymond said.


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