Letters to the Editor

Need to Hear from Muslims

Dear Editor: Once again Donald Trump is receiving flack over his recent comments about Muslims entering this country until federal authorities know what’s going on, perhaps with their insidious motives.

President Obama is so overly concerned with offending Muslims that he is the last one to confirm what even morons know is indeed a terrorist attack with Islam in common! My gripe is simple and most certainly not limited to any religion, creed, race or gender; that is, silence speaks volumes!

I was just a child when the mafia killings were openly going on in the city streets with the Gambino and Costello families et. al. Immediately my parents, both children of Sicilian immigrants, vehemently spoke out against this Italian image violence as well as thousands of Sicilian-Americans!

Much more recently after the Planned Parenthood was violently assaulted by a zealous lunatic opposed to abortion, I read a full-page article in The Tablet, voicing a mass majority of Catholics opposed to abortion, condemning and disassociating themselves from this violent vigilante!

So, when ISIS strikes in the name of Islam and make no mistake, they are very clear about it… Why are there not banners strewn on the mosques disassociating themselves from ISIS assuring their American neighbors that Islam stands for peace?