Need for Good Homilies

It’s no secret that one of the biggest complaints which is lodged against our priests is a perceived poor quality of homiletic skill. This is, at times, compounded with the comment: “Father preaches so long and then realizes the time and rushes through the rest of the Mass.”

We are proud of our priests. The priests who serve us in the Diocese of Brooklyn are hard-working men who truly attempt to lead the people to whom they have been assigned to minister worthily and well in prayer. However, sometimes the view from the pew is correct.

Homilies need to be engaging. They need to open the Scripture, or the feast day or the saint of the day or the liturgical season for us and explain it and then relate it to the present-day situation in the lives of people.

They need to be more than just random ruminations on vague themes or just feel good aphorisms. The homily needs to be a place where the People of God are led and fed. Are the mysteries of the faith elaborated upon in the homilies we hear? Are the Sacred Scriptures explained and related to our lives? True, there is a vast difference between teaching and preaching, but when was the last time that you left Mass with a homily that enlightened your mind and soul?

What homilists in your parishes, priests and deacons, really feed you with the Word of God and the teachings of the Church? What priests have truly edified you with the love that they have for the Sacred Liturgy? Write into us with your answers. No complaints! Just encouragement!

One thought on “Need for Good Homilies

  1. Why do we blame the priest or deacon for the leaving the church feeling unfulfilled. The people have a responsibility too. When was the last time the people prepared for the homily by accessing the readings in advance of the mass. The readings are available online, in the tablet, in the bulletin and in the church pews if you are willing to stop by more than the 1 hour on Sunday. When was the last time you you took a a pen and notebook to take notes and reflect on the homily during the day or during the week. When you meet the other parishioners outside of the church do we ever discuss the homily. Don’t leave all the work to the priest or deacon. Have you ever made an appointment with the priest or deacon to discuss the homily. It is amazing how much better the homilies became when I started to do some preparation and work. Putting in one hour during the week to prepare for the hour on Sunday has has really helped me learn more from the homilies.