Back to School 2016

Nazareth Regional High School

Inspiring Lives of Learning, Faith and Service


(Photo: Nazareth Regional H.S.)

For over 55 years, Nazareth Regional High School has been a home for academic and personal excellence to its students in Brooklyn. The nationally recognized School of Excellence boasts a 98-percent graduation rate, with 98 percent of its students going on to college.

The numbers do not lie: For the past five years, Nazareth students have earned $3-$5 million in scholarship money annually.

“Nazareth prides itself on educating the whole student – spiritually, academically, athletically and personally – which we feel is the key to our students’ successes. Expectations are high and students are encouraged to excel at their individual pace and talents,” said Principal Providencia Quiles.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. The staff at Nazareth inspires students to develop lifelong curiosity to take on unique opportunities that will develop students’ intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth. It is not unusual to see faculty taking time to chat with a student on the bleachers. Sometimes they are offering advice on a class or paper, but sometimes it is simply to lend an ear.

So many great memories are made at this school, Nazareth is a home away from home for its students. In this exuberant atmosphere, students find limitless opportunities to learn more and connect with their friends. Impromptu student groups fill conference rooms and school spirit fills the halls. Dozens of extracurricular activities fit any teen’s interest or background. At games, the bleachers are crowded to cheer on the Nazareth Kingsmen.

Nazareth continues to graduate Division 1 athletes on the premise that academics come first.

“We are proud of our student athletes because they truly embody the Nazareth model of success by rigorous work on and off the court/field. This is why these students were so sought after by college coaches,” Quiles said.

Alumni come to boast that their grade point average is higher in college and share the confidence they have in their academic abilities after graduation.

The school continues to reinvent itself for the betterment of the students. This year, all students will receive a Chromebook and leadership training. Our incoming freshmen will take an introduction course to Java coding. Subsequent years will strategically focus on the ongoing development of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics).

Nazareth is, and continues to be, a place, “Inspiring Lives of Learning, Faith & Service.”

Nazareth Regional High School, a Xaverian Brothers sponsored school, is located at 475 E. 57th St. in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

For more information, to schedule a visit or to register, call the admissions office at 718-763-1100 ext. 224. Applications are still being accepted for September for all grades.