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Musical Concert Tour Brings A Ray of Hope to Brooklyn


It was a night filled with powerful music, testimonials, performers and inspiring videos as Array of Hope brought its Awakening Hearts presentation Feb. 25 to SS. Simon and Jude Church, Gravesend.

The concert was billed as a multi-media musical presentation of faith, hope and love.

Array of Hope’s mission is to bring those who have lost their way back to the Church and to strengthen the relationship Catholics already have with God. Performers use music as well as many different types of media and personal testimonies to reach as many people as possible.

The Costa Crew sang about finding the beauty in life and recognizing the gifts God has given to men and women. They also struck a pro-life theme as they discussed how precious and beautiful all of life is.

The Brooklyn audience was filled with Catholics from different backgrounds and neighborhoods and was heavily bilingual, allowing singer Kairy Marquez to perform in both English and Spanish as the crowd rose to its feet dancing, singing and holding hands with one another.

“It’s good to see the good ideas of how to move forward and grow in our own faith,” said Alex DeMachena of St. Brendan, Midwood. “I’ve seen many different ways people try to reach out to share the teachings of Jesus but I do believe music is the most powerful. The message tonight was so inspirational and moving it will stay with me and help me grow in my own faith.”

Producer Mario Costabile said the show uses media so that its message can be heard by so many. “The show is designed to engage and transform someone in his or her faith,” he said. “We are really trying to make an impression that God is as relevant today as always. We use different forms of media to connect and be relatable in a way that all can understand.

“Jesus used parables to teach and we use the tools of modern media that we have today. We want people to allow God in and accept the Holy Spirit. People should see that God wants us to be great and experience great joy.”

Costabile reflected on the difficulties people have to deal with. “Today’s culture is distracted by falsehoods to what can create happiness. Array of Hope wants to show that life is beautiful. We want to wow people, so that they say to themselves ‘I never thought of the Church like that.’ People can then start to make sense of it all and see the truth and see Jesus is the truth.”

Melissa Prazak, the event coordinator, was excited to see people allow themselves to experience the message. “Array of Hope tries to show the beauty of the truth in life through media,” she explained. “Music, films, and social media are how so many people connect and how we can reach them. We want people to see the beauty of faith and have them thirsting for more. These concerts show the power of music but also allow people to let their defenses down and open up to the experience.”

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