Back to School 2017

Most Holy Redeemer Academy 165 Years as Innovators in Catholic Education

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Academy at St. Michael’s celebrated its 165th year of offering quality Catholic education to the families of Flushing. It is a diverse school community sensitive to the cultural origins of all. Its mission is to pro- mote each student intellectual and spiritual growth grounded in a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

Intellectual growth is stimulated with the academic programs offered at the academy. MHRCA is networked with several other selected Catholic schools from around the country by the Roche Center for Catholic Education at Boston College as a leader in bilingual education. This year, the Dual Language program will be extended to grade four, and kindergarten through fourth-grade students are being offered classes in English and Mandarin.

New York State Common Core standards are supported with technology and support offered by St. John’s University through Project TIE (Training Innovative Educators) and Curriculum Leaders Training. Student support services through Title I in ESL, math, reading and counseling are offered to qualifying students. A learning lab, resource room and speech therapy are also available on site. Fine arts instruction is offered in the areas of music, band, violin, dance and tae kwon do.

Enrichment in math and science is offered with STEM classes. The Gifted and Talented Program challenges those students who perform above grade level.

MHRCA also has a state-of-the-art media center through the generosity of DeSales Media. The academy was the winner in the company’s anniversary raffle. The media center opened in September 2016.

Spiritual growth is fostered by the academy’s strong Catholic identity. MHRCA accepts children of all faiths and is inclusive with all liturgical and paraliturgical celebrations. Sacramental preparation is coordinated with religious education.

The academy is open all year long with a six-week summer program offered to students in the diocese and surrounding communities. All students are offered a free breakfast and a free or reduced-cost lunch.

Pre-K for All offers four, full-day classes for students born in 2013.