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More on Immigration

Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly agree that children should never be separated from parents under any circumstance, perhaps with the exception of those who commit a crime other than illegal entry.

Unfortunately, the large number of articles on this topic seem to indict President Trump as the founder, owner and originator of the separation policy. Where was the plethora of articles on this subject during the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations?

I am aware that the majority of the clergy in the Brooklyn-Queens diocese tend to be on the left side of issues, but this edition of The Tablet (June 23) is practically anti-Trump campaign literature.

I am sorely disappointed in The Tablet, and all involved in this slanted journalism.



Dear Editor: Jesus never told His Apostles to bring everyone back to Israel. He told them to go into the deep and preach His teachings so that people all over the world would be doing what is right and just in His Father’s eyes. They would be loving and helping each other and feeding the poor.

People like to keep talking about Jesus being taken to Egypt but forget to mention that He went with St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother, they did not take Him to the border and drop Him off. It does not tell us when they returned to Nazareth or how long they lived in Egypt. At what age did they present Jesus in the Temple? Were they still living in Egypt or had they returned to Nazareth? We do not know if they had family living in Egypt or if they registered when they set up home. Had all the Jews returned from Egypt or did some decide to stay there?

We do know that they returned to Nazareth and again set up home and St. Joseph and Jesus worked as carpenters or handymen.

When people come to any country illegally, they are taking away jobs and benefits from us and our families, be it blood relatives or those who form families while living on the streets with their friends.

Jesus never would have told people to be dishonest. When many tried to trick Him into taking sides between God and the government, He told them to give to God what belonged to God and to Caesar what belonged to Caesar.

He also told us not to harm children and we have all read stories about people either walking around the block leaving their child there or putting them out of the care with intentions of going around the block and picking them up. In these cases, people would video their actions and the parent(s) were arrested, told they had to go for counseling and in some cases the child is taken away from them and put into foster homes.

I know some will not like what I am writing, but why do some hold different opinions when it comes to being pro-death for children and pushing assisted suicide for teens and then thinking there is nothing wrong with abandoning children at the border. In my opinion, it is very unbalanced thinking.


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