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More Favorite Homilists

Dear Editor: If you want to hear the Gospel readings for the day explained so beautifully and clearly, come to the 8:30 a.m. daily Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Brooklyn and listen to our Msgr. Joseph Calise.

He stands in our center aisle and with his soft voice and beautiful hands, he extends to us God’s messages.



Dear Editor: We have three talented homilists at St. Gregory the Great Church, Bellerose – Msgr. Edward A. Ryan, Father William Dulaney and Father Johnson Nedungadan, C.M.

Their homilies provide us with spiritual nourishment. The homilies are entwined to the day’s readings and Gospel.

Msgr. Ryan’s clear-cut homilies engage us as he connects seamlessly current events, anecdotes and historical info to the day’s Scripture.

Father Dulaney’s substantive homilies sometimes take a light note when he creatively integrates lyrics of pop songs. I remember a Pentecost Sunday when he quoted fittingly “We didn’t start the fire …”.

During students’ Mass, his homilies are interactive. The students respond very well.

Father Nedungadan inspires us with his homilies by sharing with us his experience as a Vincentian missionary in less fortunate countries. His homilies motivate and challenge us to love and serve our neighbors more.

The homilies of our priests at St. Gregory are authentic, and are delivered very clearly so that we, the parishioners, are able to take God’s Word as we go. We leave the church a day wiser, and a day closer to our full faith formation.




Dear Editor: In response to “The Need for Good Homilies,” I am sharing words of encouragement.

As a parishioner of St. Mary Mother of Jesus, I look forward to the Mass as a solemn place to share my time with God. Moreover, I find it uplifting to share time with my community, engage in the sacredness of the Mass, and to be enlightened by the homilies of Msgr. Andrew Vaccari and Father Joe.

They not only explain the Sacred Scriptures, but take the “mysteries of faith,” and relate them to my everyday life – so much that at times I feel they have “read my soul.” I am blessed to have such wonderful priests at my parish, for they continue to inspire and enlighten my life and the parishioners of St. Mary Mother of Jesus.




Dear Editor: Father Edward Mason, pastor of Our Lady of the Presentation-Our Lady of Mercy parish in Brownsville, in my opinion does an excellent job with the homily.

Father Mason regularly explains the Scripture/Gospel as written and always relates it to the present-day situation of our lives in the church, community and especially present-day time. He is truly an inspiration.



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