Letters to the Editor

Misrepresented by Markey

Dear Editor: Like letter writer Thomas Murawski of Glendale, (June 25), I am also angered by the accusations made against Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio by Assemblywoman Margaret Markey.

We Catholics are many in numbers but we do not raise up our voices in anger against wrongdoings by our elected officials. There are many Catholics in Markey’s 30th Assembly District that covers Maspeth, some parts of Woodside and Long Island City. We need a strong charismatic personality that can run against Markey, and a vigorous campaign to expose her lies.

Maybe the next DeSales Media yearly conference at the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn, which I have attended on a regular basis, should focus on how to develop a strong Catholic voice in the political agenda.

Workshops on how to write effective Letters to the Editor, Op Eds, columns, and all other forms of journalistic writing, must be held in this conference.

Also Catholics must be more active in holding voters’ registration forums.

Finally, our group, the Filipino-American Association of Saint Adalbert parish, Elmhurst, is proud of our pastor, Father Mirek (Podymniak), for publishing Bishop DiMarzio’s rebuttal letter in our parish bulletin. I noticed that some churches in Queens did not publish the bishop’s letter.




Editor’s Note: Cecilia Gullas is the Press Relations Officer of the Filipino-American Association of Saint Adalbert parish.


Dear Editor: The letter from your reader Thomas Murawski (June 25), regarding scandalous accusations against our Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio reminded me about my own attempts to contact Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey back in 2009.

The matter concerned a bill in Albany she was actively promoting at that time. The bill A2596 would waive/extend statutes of limitations in cases of child abuse/molestations but only in cases of private (read Catholic) institutions, but not public establishments. My multiple attempts to contact Ms. Markey regarding this issue by phone, e-mail and post failed.


Forest Hills