Letters to the Editor

Meaning of Encyclical

Dear Editor: As we know, an encyclical is one the highest forms of teaching from the pope. I was quite disappointed by your editorial (“Impacting the World,” June 27): watering down the extensive content of the message to a “care for each other,” which is the core message but without mentioning any local commitment to a more elaborate diffusion of the global message it entails, and to its practical consequences for our society. Our priest in Greenpoint (where we still live on a gigantic spill by Exxon in the Newtown Creek) did not mention the encyclical at Sunday Mass, two days after its release. I thought the bells would ring!

However, your poor editorial was somewhat redeemed by the excellent article by Cindy Wooden (thank you, Cindy, for this wonderful writing), who did poetically mention the meaning of the title and the wonderful “Canticle of Saint Francis.”

May we learn in Brooklyn to pollute less and care more for our Mother/Sister Earth and Sister Water who are so chaste and pure.