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Love in Sheepshead Bay

Dear Editor: My very good friend just celebrated his 90th birthday. I wanted to do something special since he is so very special and I thought a special thing would be to declare my admiration in “The Tablet” since he is a faithful reader and devout Catholic.

My friend’s name is Tom Bowers. He is very well known at St. Mark parish in Sheepshead Bay. He has been called the world’s oldest altar boy since he serves Mass whenever an attendant is needed. He does many, many things for the church and affiliated food pantry where he has served as a volunteer for more than 20 years with many years served as president.

Tom Bowers exemplifies all that Pope Francis defines as a good Christian. He has served the poor and needy with deep, sincere love and caring. Tom has earned everyone’s love and respect in doing his wonderful work so wholeheartedly with all his heart and soul. I find it very appropriate to use the following verse from 1 Corinthians to further describe Tom. But I will substitute Tom’s name for the word “Love” as it is used in Corinthians –

Tom is patient, Tom is kind.
Tom does not brag and is not arrogant.
Tom does not act unbecomingly.
Tom does not rejoice in unrighteousness but he rejoices with the truth.
Tom bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

Tom is the only person I’ve encountered in my life that I can say truly loves God and his neighbor – all his neighbors, no matter what.

Tom is also a father, grandfather and great-grandfather and loves his family like flowers love rain. He is also a veteran having served during World War II. He so admires and respects all service people and every opportunity (Veteran’s Day; D-Day; Pearl Harbor anniversary; Memorial Day) he honors them. Tom is so beautiful to me.

Jean Hogan

Sheepshead Bay

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One thought on “Love in Sheepshead Bay

  1. I know Tom because he is my daughter-in-law’s grandfather. He is everything and more that Jean has described. An honorable and sweet man who doesn’t know the meaning of evil or unkind. He is a role model for everyone. I wish him a very Happy Birthday and many more to come. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are lucky to have him in their family.