Letters to the Editor

Love God, Then Earth

Dear Editor: I was delighted to see that the Dominican Sisters in Amityville, L.I., have dedicated a parcel of their land to the production of organic produce by local farmers.

I myself am a proponent and practitioner of the reduce, reuse, recycle principles of stewardship. Yes, I even compost! I love the earth, and praise God for His wonderful creation and for His care of us.

I take exception, however, to two statements from Sister Margaret Galiardi, O.P., who was quoted as saying, “We can’t separate ourselves from the planet. We’re intertwined. (yes) We’re absolutely totally dependent on the planet. (no)”

Actually, we’re absolutely, totally, dependent on GOD. We do need to not only enjoy and make use of His creation, but also to respect, understand and care for it.

The next quote was: “The Church needs to help people fall in love with the earth. If you fall in love with the earth, then you’ll be able to figure out what to do to save it.”A couple of things: the Church is here to help save souls, not “save” the earth. The Church needs to help people fall in love with the Creator, not so much the creation.

In his encyclical, “Laudato si’,” even the title is directing our attention to God! Let’s get this right – it is good to be honest stewards of our common home, but it is essential to love God!

Was it St. Augustine who said, “Love and do what you will”? This means if we get our loves right, our actions should follow rightly.

I would think the Dominicans actually meant this, but that it came out a little off target!

Thank you, sisters, for your commendable actions and may God bless you!


Long Island City

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