Boomers and Beyond Advertising Section – Fall 2015

Lifelong Learning at B’klyn College

For most of us, school days are firmly set in an ever-receding past. But who among us has not daydreamed about hanging out with friends in the cafeteria or taking a class with that professor who inspired you to see the world in a whole new way? For more than 600 Brooklynites, this is no dream but a living reality.

Brooklyn Lifelong Learning, a non-profit located at Brooklyn College, was founded in 1977. It’s open to retired and semi-retired adults of any age who enjoy exploring new skills, subjects and ideas. Classes are taught by volunteers, who are retired professors or other teachers and experts. There are no tests, term papers or grades. There are lively discussions. It’s learning for the fun of it – in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere ­– with interesting, often challenging, classmates.

There are about 60 courses and lectures offered each semester for an annual fee of just $85. Enjoy campus events, access to the library and computer labs, as well as trips to places of historical and cultural interest for additional fees. Learn more at or call 718-951-5647.


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