Letters to the Editor

Life-Is-Cheap Culture

Dear Editor:  Christians can grow weary witnessing the reasoning of Christians who unceasingly submit to the reasoning and prejudices of liberal secularists. Given the history of the last 100 years, we can expect well-educated sophisticated liberals to be shallow and ignorant.

Mass murder has nothing to do with accessibility to guns and everything to do with the moral entropy and cultural decadence of a dying civilization. Because of the nature of the liberal mindset, which loves to deny moral responsibility and objective morality itself, liberals cannot help but produce monotonous one-dimensional solutions to human problems while dismissing the reality of social ethos and our human obligations to cultivate it. When promiscuity becomes pervasive, they hand out condoms and remain oblivious to how this encourages more promiscuity. When an inconvenient life is deemed burdensome, they kill it by abortion or euthanasia and remain unmindful to how this further cheapens a respect for life. When violence occurs, they obsess over restricting guns, and remain unmindful to the ironic data that shows higher rates of gun violence with greater restrictions.

There is no financial difference between an AK47 and a hunting rifle and believing otherwise is an unfortunate capitulation to phony gestures by politicians pandering to manipulating common emotions, including their obsessive ridicule of those who disagree with them.

Catholic priests who refuse to ever mention the word sin, theologians who rationalize sin, and a laity who welcomes systemic ways to deny their sins are all agents of social amorality and have as much to do with triggering and abetting the widespread social disintegration that leads to moral psychosis, and finally do violence, as those who are direct moral agents.

Life is cheap in an abortion culture, and Catholics too uncaring to get involved in opposing abortion need to examine their own commitment to all episodes of violence and the culture of death.


Little Neck