Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of May 21, 2022

Let’s Voice Our Convictions

Dear Editor: The leaking of a Supreme Court draft on Roe v. Wade has precipitated protests nationwide.

Whoever leaked the draft deliberately did fly a kite to incite these protests.

I am disappointed because I hear a cacophony of noisy protests from only one side of the aisle. How about those of us on the other side of the aisle such as mothers, Christians, Church leaders, moralists, ethicists, and rank-and-file taxpayers whose taxes finance abortion procedures? Why are we so silent?

We should express our good conscience publicly for the transformation of humanity and not remain silent in the face of evil. Men and women who cohabit with no intent to welcome the offspring of such a relationship are unconscionably coercing us to participate in their murderous exploits.

We are not vicariously liable for their actions.

The liberal press is already busy informing the world that over 80% of our citizenry favor unrestricted abortion. This is a big lie.

In New York, we have the maxim: If you see something, say something. Let’s make our voices heard. Silence implies consent.

Victor Enemuo


Protests During Mass

Dear Editor: As a life-long Democratic voter whose first presidential vote was for John Kennedy, it distresses me to read, and to see quoted on television, statements by some in my party calling for demonstrations and/or disruptions inside Catholic churches during Mass because of the alleged influence of the Church in American pro- and anti-abortion politics.

Even though the reversal of the Roe decision has been a goal of the Catholic Church ever since it was decided, and now may take place, I don’t believe that the Church has nearly so much power generally as to warrant the extreme forms of protest advocated by some in my party.

Garrett Dempsey


Catholics Standing Up for Their Right to Worship

Dear Editor: The news story about the firemen barring Supreme Court abortion decision protestors from the church door gave me pride and satisfaction.

Happily, non-violence was a result of a show of strength on the part of the men at the church door, firemen or not.

It reminds me of the story of how Archbishop John Hughes saved New York City from the anti-Catholic rioters of the 1840s by powerful clerical leadership working with laymen.

Robert D. Petty 

Bay Ridge

Time to Speak Up

Dear Editor: With the leak of the Roe v. Wade opinion came verbal and physical attacks on the Catholic Church. Our Catholic president and other Catholic politicians have remained silent as protesters interrupted church services.

Sadly, most of our Church leadership has also remained silent. Leaders of the Church should be vigorously calling out these politicians, but there is only silence in its place.

It is time for bold leadership in the Church, but unfortunately, the leadership does not seem to be up to the task.

Catholics should speak up and let their local and national politicians know how they feel, especially in the voting booth.

Look at politicians’ websites where there are email links to write to them. Then, hopefully, Church leaders will follow their parishioners’ example.

William James Carroll 


Editor’s note: On May 12, the Catholic Bishops of New York State issued a statement, “Toward a Pro-Life Future in the Empire State,” that assesses the current situation in New York while providing their vision for a path forward in the state. Story, pages 18-19

Proper Dress in Church

Dear Editor: In response to the recent letter about proper respect in church (Readers’ Forum, May 14), the same goes for proper dress in church.

It’s not appropriate for young ladies to wear shorts up to the upper thighs and tops exposing their shoulders.

I was shocked on Holy Thursday evening service to see a young lady dressed as I described above, and not just on Holy Thursday but on Sundays as well.

Name withheld

Rockaway Park