Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of June 4, 2022

Yes, Let Us Voice Our Opinions

Dear Editor: We were struck by the letter of reader Victor Enemuo in the May 21, issue of The Tablet.

We heartily agree with Mr. Enemuo that pro-lifers should “express our good consciences publicly for the transformation of humanity.”

The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, a pro-life organization founded by Msgr. Philip Reilly of the Brooklyn Diocese in 1989 has been doing just that for over 30 years. The Helpers conduct large monthly prayer vigils at various abortion facilities in Brooklyn and Queens (except for July), publicly praying for the conversion of hearts and offering help to any woman who may be inclined to keep her baby.

The Helpers are also stationed at three abortion businesses in both Brooklyn and Queens every Saturday again to offer prayers and support. Our sidewalk counselors have been remarkably successful, with hundreds of babies saved over these last many years, and some of these businesses have closed.

Kevin and Susan Moore


A Super Choice

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Deacon Kevin McCormack on being named the Diocese of Brooklyn’s new superintendent of schools (“Diocese’s New Superintendent of Schools Says Change Coming,” May 14).

I’m sure that you will do a fine job. It was always a treat to hear that you were coming to Holy Family Parish in Fresh Meadows for a visit.

You kept us entertained with your lively and thoughtful homilies.

Thank you for all of your support at Xaverian for the life-affirming work of The Bridge To Life.

Catherine Donohoe

Fresh Meadows

The Old Ballgame

Dear Editor: It was nice to get the recognition in The Tablet for me and my fellow honorees’ induction into the Basketball Old Timers of America’s Hall of Fame (“Old-Timers Relive Past Hoop Days,” May 14).

I have one slight correction to the comments made by the writer about my early career. He writes that I was a “sports star” at Immaculate Conception, Astoria — our basketball team was so, so.

The truth is that I was a member of their 1964 CYO senior baseball team, which won the Brooklyn diocesan championship. I played first base, right field, and pitched a little.

That team was loaded, and I remember batting over .300 but usually batting 7th or 8th in that lineup.

That tells you I may have been good, but I was surrounded by very good players.

Rich Kosik


Bereavement Ministry Is a Blessing

Dear Editor: I couldn’t agree more with Alexandra Mosca about the hope and comfort that the Catholic funeral service provides to the family of deceased loved ones (“A Funeral Director’s Perspective on Rites,” May 14).

As a member of my parish’s bereavement ministry, I have the privilege of representing the parish community at wakes and funerals.

This ministry is indeed a blessing and an opportunity to join with the family and friends of the deceased in their time of sorrow and offer them the support and prayers on behalf of the entire parish community so that they know that they are not alone in their sorrow.

The wake and funeral services are an opportunity to share the healing power of Christ’s love and should be revered.

Patricia Connelly


New York, New York: Take 2

Dear Editor: Last December, my parody of Frank Sinatra’s wonderful rendition of “New York, New York” was printed in your Letters to the Editor. At that time, I never dreamed my words would come true.

In it, I gave only a few reasons for wanting to leave the once-great state of New York which, instead of “The Big Apple,” has become “The Rotten Apple.”

God has been good to me because I, and part of my family, am actually leaving for nicer, gentler pastures, where freedom to breathe and express ourselves even though we have different opinions and opposite views of those who think they have authority to ban thoughts and actions. Oh, and yes, “The Abortion Capital” of the country.

So, to our dear governor, senators, state senators, congressmen, and mayors, I say, “Good riddance to New York, New York.”

Geraldine Gazzara