Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Feb. 26, 2022

Prayers for Ukraine

Dear Editor: In your Feb 8 article, “Archbishop Sevchuk of Ukraine cites a new epidemic of violence spreading across the world.”

Korea is firing missiles.The Russians have displayed twice recently a “new” hypersonic nuclear missile, which with great speed and range, threaten destruction wherever.

The U.S. has now deployed a squadron of “nuclear ready” B52 bombers to Great Britain. For anyone not snoozing these past two months it must be clear that the rhetoric of a handful of nations has gone way beyond belicosity and sabre rattling.

We must recognize immediately that weapons of mass destruction do not go off by themselves.

There is a power to words that create a climate of tacit violence that precedes hostilities.The mere use of language that speaks of a “reasonable use” of “tactical” nukes is a language of insanity.There is no way to calculate or halt the annihilation that would ensue following ANY use of such weapons.

Prayer of course is always necessary, but it is time for the Catholic Church to hammer away at the foolish and careless use of words that has us on the current precipice with words of her own.

Raymond Roberts Jr. 

Bergenfield, NJ

Voter Indentification Is Right for Elections

Dear Editor: I am very disturbed to hear that those who claim that efforts to ensure that elections are secure and honest, are being called efforts to suppress minority voters.

Mail-in ballots with no signature, unsecured drop boxes, and endless days and ways to vote are a path to fraud.

There are so many untruths touted by the left regarding voter identification. We need identification to enter many buildings, to have a bank account, to use a credit card in many stores.

Soon we will need enhanced identification to fly domestically, and currently to enter federal buildings. Many need identification to enter their place of work.

Honestly, who is not able to obtain identification if required? Without one you cannot easily get through daily activities.

We must return to one election day, with absentee ballots for valid reasons that require signatures, and a valid identification to vote in person.

Without those measures your vote may easily be canceled out by an invalid vote. Also without these measures every election result will be questioned.

Maureen O’Rourke McGroarty 


Weigel Is Spot-on With March for Life

Dear Editor: George Weigel is Right Again. Notwithstanding my previous letter. Mr. Weigel once again makes the right points.

I, too, believe we’ll be marching for many years to come, at both the state AND national levels.

As he says, even if the Supreme Court of the United States overturns Roe v. Wade, the fight will continue at the state level, and we need to change the hearts of the people so that abortion is no longer considered.

There are also other life issues that demand our attention, such as euthanasia, destruction of the family and so on. Another life issue is that the USCCB seems to be overboard about illegal aliens while completely overlooking the life-destroying effects of human trafficking and the negative effects all the unvetted criminals are having on the local communities where they are being surreptitiously sent.

I understand the need for reaching out to those in need, but unrestricted immigration is not a solution, nor is it part of the Catechism (see Art 2241). Bringing in unvetted criminals, human traffickers, and those who won’t follow our laws does NOT contribute to the “Common Good!”

Tom Klocek

Chesapeake, VA

Amen to Weigel

Dear Editor: I completely agree with Weigel Re: the German Synodal path towards liquid/lite Catholicism. And it makes me sad to say this. Personally, he’s like a modern-day prophet; he proclaims what others are afraid to say. I hope that he doesn’t suffer the fate that befell most of them.

Cynthia Gonzalez

Fresh Meadows