Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of April 2, 2022

A Poem for the Children

Dear Editor: This poem is dedicated to the children of Ukraine, but also to children throughout the world living with poverty, hopelessness, and despair.

“I Wish”

I wish for you children the joy of


Soon there will come a better day;

I wish for you to laugh and sing,

Not to hear bombs, but church

bells ring.

I wish for you to hold your mother

so tight,

And for her to hug you with all her


I wish for you to go back to school,

And begin to learn the “Golden


I wish for you to look to the sky,

And not to have to wipe tears

from your eyes;

But most of all I wish for you

Love, peace, and for your dreams

to come true.

Benjamin Bretner

Brighton Beach

Mayor Adams’ Double Standard

Dear Editor: Mayor Eric Adams is exempting athletes and performers from having to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, many of those in the NYPD, FDNY, and teachers have been fired for not being vaccinated.

This is a double standard. Why are only the rich and the famous getting exemptions?

Our police and firefighters protect us from harm and our teachers educate our children and are extremely essential to our well-being.

Mayor Adams is just being hypocritical.

This disease is still out there. We all need to be vaccinated and no one should be exempt.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


Putting North Korea on Notice

Dear Editor: With all of the turmoil going on across the world, now North Korea is at it again by test-firing  ballistic missiles to rattle Japan and South Korea.

This country is always looking to stir up the political and military waters with threats and saber-rattling.

The U.S. needs to put North Korea on notice that it will not tolerate any type of military threats to itself or its Asian allies.

Indeed, the world is more unstable now,  just as it was before World War II broke out.

A world war is something that nobody will win.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

Praise for Deacon Jaime Varela

Dear Editor: How pleased we were to see the great article on the service of Deacon Jaime Varela in the recent issue of The Tablet (“Deacon, You Can Drive My Car,” March 19). So well deserved!

We have had the privilege of working with the deacon at many celebrations and Confirmations at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

When we attended many of the Liturgical Celebrations and socials of the diocese we were always greeted with a smile, nod, wave, or hug.

His dedication and humble way is a gift.

We were happy that Bishop Robert Brennan has asked him to continue to assist him on his assignment to Brooklyn.

May God continue to keep Deacon Varela well.

Mary and Henry Macchiaroli


Pastoral MBAs

Dear Editor: The Tablet had an article describing the challenges young priests have when they become pastors (“Doing God’s Work Can Be Tricky Business,” March 19).

I would like to offer a solution.

In the business world, executives often increase their knowledge by obtaining an Executive MBA part-time while still working.

I suggest that the diocese partner with the local Catholic universities and offer a pastoral MBA where priests can learn the management skills needed to run a parish while continuing to serve their flock.

Lenny Rodin

Forest Hills