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Kitchen Essentials for the Foodie Couple

(StatePoint) – Are you a foodie? Do you love a foodie? Outfit home chefs with all the tools needed to make cooking more efficient and delicious. Not sure where to start? Here are a few smart ideas:

Promote Precision

A good kitchen scale will help chefs get more precise when measuring solids and liquids in baking and everyday meal prep. But a great kitchen scale will go beyond that.

For example, the IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale, when used with the KitchenIQ Food App, lets users count calories, carbs, fat, fiber, protein, sodium and other nutritional elements.

While prepackaged food labeling lays out nutritional data, it can be a lot harder to track these specifics in home-cooked meals. Whether your gift recipient is dieting or simply wants to more accurately track the nutrition of the foods he or she cooks and eats, this can be a useful kitchen tool.

Personalize Accessories

Cooking is more fun in a kitchen that truly feels like one’s own. Help personalize the space of your gift recipient. Monogrammed kitchen utensils and baking trays make wonderful gifts, as do personalized aprons, oven mitts and kitchen linens.

Remember that a personalized order may take more time to reach its destination, so if you need an item by a certain date, remember to order it with time to spare.

Get inspired on Pinterest and craft your own items, or seek out the handiwork of independent artisans on a site like Etsy.

Save Space

No matter what size kitchen you’re outfitting, the best items on the market are those that are space-saving because they are multifunctional.
Consider gifting an all-in-one kitchen tool, such as the Kitchen IQ 3-in-1 Prep & Measure Tool, which is at once a measuring cup, a citrus reamer and a gravy separator. Its stackable design further saves on storage space.

Sharpen Up

When knives and scissors grow dull, simple kitchen tasks can become a big hassle, and in some cases, even dangerous. Help keep tools sharp and functional with a knife sharpener designed to sharpen and maintain both straight and serrated knives, as well as scissors.

One versatile model that works for both left- and right-handed sharpening is the Diamond Pro 2 Stage Knife and Scissor Sharpener, which features a non-slip bottom for stability in use.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or “just because,” give your favorite home chefs great tools that add form and function to their kitchens.

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