Letters to the Editor

Keeping Priests Healthy

Dear Editor: It was encouraging to read (“Priest Must Be Healthy to Be an Effective Priest,” May 7) that the diocese had sponsored a “Day of Health and Wellness” for the priests of Brooklyn and Queens.

I think that only God can know the true stress that can accompany the life of a priest. Those who spoke at the gathering delineated the long hours, understaffing, financial challenges, undue expectations, isolation and the potential for “burn out.”

They talked about obesity, depression and hypertension at alarming rates.

They recommended a healthy diet, regular exercise, having friends and taking time off when possible. I would like to suggest that, in addition to healthy food, there be healthy feedback.

I think it is obvious when a priest works hard to prepare a good homily or conduct a special ceremony. Why not stay for a couple of minutes to offer a “Thank You” and a handshake at the door of the church? Or perhaps send a note which might be read and enjoyed in the quiet of an evening?



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