Letters to the Editor

It’s Time to Be Heard

Dear Editor: The slap on the face was once an action that those being prepared for Confirmation were alerted to. I paged through the Catechism of the Catholic Church but could not find much mention of it. As part of the preparation for Confirmation, we were informed that we might have to suffer in our defense of the Church.

Anyone keeping abreast of the news and actions and behavior deemed acceptable in our culture will soon get a message that the Christian way of life is deemed outdated, a lifestyle of the past. We have even been asked to leave a major political party and State that we reside in.

It occurs to me that it is time for us to put aside political correctness and give voice to our opposition to what we know is blatantly evil, embodying an attitude and a response driven by a passion of anger, remembering that “unreasonable patience is a hotbed of many vices,” according to St. John Chrysostom, quoted in The Tablet (March 3).

Actions to codify abortion in New York State, the votes against saving the life of a baby who survives abortion, and the suggestion that those opposed to abortion are no longer welcome in a major political party, in my opinion, demand a response.

We have to mobilize and send a message that we have a voice in this country, be we citizens, or residents, and we can no longer remain silent about the representation advocated.

Though it is difficult to depend on statistics presented by one group or another, there have been suggestions that the majority of Americans are opposed to abortion. What might be needed is the voice of demonstrations to send a message.

The canned responses to our letters are no longer acceptable, as well as those who choose to interpret the words of our Declaration of Independence to suit their own agenda and ideology, or in response to demands of their funding lobbyists.

We must support and protect life in order to unite and save our nations. Yes, nations, plural!

It’s Resurrection time!

Donald J. Young

East Elmhurst

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