It’s Now Appropriate To ‘Love’ Abortion?

The playing field between pro-life advocates and abortion zealots has tilted again toward the pro-abortion crowd with recent decisions by lawmakers, publishers, and a left-wing language maven. 

At President Joe Biden’s recent State of the Union address, many Democratic representatives decided to replace the usual American flag pin with a pin that read “Abortion,” with the inside of the first letter “o” forming a heart. 

Seems like that old saying, “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” has been replaced, at least in the halls of government, with “wearing your heart on your lapel.” 

In past, pro-abortion politicians like Hillary Clinton said that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Today’s pro-abortion politicians don’t even pretend that they want it to be rare. The message being presented by these politicians reads that they love abortion. 

The second most recent measure was the Associated Press style guide, which is used by journalists, and recommends that journalists avoid “potentially misleading terms” such as “pregnancy resource centers” or “pregnancy counseling centers.” 

Instead, reporters should use the terms “anti-abortion counseling centers,” “anti-abortion centers,” and “crisis pregnancy centers that oppose abortions.” 

These terms, the AP says, describe centers that are “set up to divert or discourage women from having abortions by using counseling, material support, and/or housing in an effort to persuade women to bring their pregnancies to term.” 

Does the AP think that paying rent for a woman in a crisis pregnancy is a bad thing? Is it better to pay for an abortion, as pro-abortion groups do? 

The change comes after dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide have suffered from attacks surrounding and following the Supreme Court’s June decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which freed states to decide abortion policy for themselves. 

The Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was celebrated by many pro-life advocates as a long-time struggle that had finally come to fruition. However, as The Tablet warned, pro-abortion advocates have hit back stronger. 

Many states passed — or bolstered — draconian abortion laws, including New York, which reinforced a longstanding open invitation to all women seeking an abortion to come to New York State for the procedure. 

But now we have many of our nation’s self-proclaimed progressive politicians openly advocating for the taking of a life. 

Do we really need to advertise that you are for ending a life for convenience? 

Lastly, The New York Times earlier this month published an op-ed from three abortion doctors, who claimed that a six-week developing child does not resemble a human. With this opinion article, they also published photographs of an aborted baby, explaining what an embryo looks like. 

How can we level the playing field when the pro-abortion movement uses such tactics? Perhaps by sporting lapel pins that read, “Choose Life,” with the two “o”s heart-shaped. 

Any life saved in daily interactions with pregnant women is a win. 

When you have “right” on your side, your commitment to the pro-life movement will be strong and true.