Letters to the Editor

Homelessness Is Real

Dear Editor: Your addressing of the growing moral bankruptcy of the Hillary agenda needs to be followed up with Catholic action. One of the major roadblocks that is militating against family life is our growing acceptance of homelessness. How can we expect parents and children to grow in love of God and neighbor when they are checker-boarded throughout our city, hugging to their last hopes when they see despair all around them? There are exceptional survivors but what we need to do is bear witness in Christian love and reach out to our 57,000 homeless, of which 25,000 are children, in an aggressive campaign to build new sensible public housing.

We have to wake up our politicians local, state and national to end the devilish exploitive greed of developers, real estate elites and financial institutions that prey upon the economically weakest in our city. We see in our media day in and day out the parasitical behavior of “helpers” that line their pockets based on the ongoing misfortune of others.

Let’s stop and think. Didn’t Jesus, Mary and Joseph seek lodging only to find a stable as they meet their civil obligations? Weren’t they homeless?

A forum was scheduled for May 22 at LaGuardia Community College, 2-4 p.m., that offers real solutions – not the same old excuses.


Middle Village