Catholic Schools Week 2017

Holy Cross High School

All-Boys, Mission-Driven Experience

Education is much more than teaching and learning. It is a conglomerate of real-world experiences, college preparedness and the utmost dedication to providing an enriching, stable and personal academic climate your child.

Holy Cross High School is an all-boys, private, Catholic institution located in Flushing. The school strives to maintain an academic institution of excellence founded upon spiritual education and values such as faith, integrity, honesty and a distinguished dedication to lessening the suffering of others through a multitude of school-wide community service initiatives.

Mindful Development

Accompanied by a 60-year-old role of delivering a superb Catholic education to students, Holy Cross High School offers an outstanding commitment not only to its academics, but also to its athletics, over 40 extracurricular clubs and additional on-campus service learning programs hosted throughout the school year.

Belonging to such meaningful activities allows for organic, psychological development of students into Holy Cross Men – encompassing the growth of comradery, enhancing problem-solving and strategic planning abilities, along with cultivating an inquisitive nature guided by charity, mindfulness and respect for all life.

In today’s competitive environment, Holy Cross High School wholeheartedly makes it a top priority to prepare young men for the world they will enter as adults. Preparedness is one of the school’s many missions, set forth to aid in the formation of student networking and coupled with building individual college and career pathways tailored to students’ future goals.

Holy Cross High School would be honored to assist families in composing an educational plan that suits the needs of their sons. Furthermore, the school offers financial aid, scholarships and a tuition discount to siblings attending school together.

To speak with the admissions department and schedule a school tour, call 718-886-7250 or visit


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