Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton’s Issues

Dear Editor: Is anyone really surprised that there are so many ethical and political issues circling Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president? Yes, one can make the case for her credentials, I admit, but during her time in politics she and her husband have created the very real perception that they are above the rules.

Let’s see, we have her private e-mails, Benghazi; the pardoning of one of the major Clinton donors, Marc Rich; the questionable $130 million donation to the Clinton Foundation during her term as Secretary of State and more. Look out when they dig into her terms as first lady of Arkansas when her husband was governor. There is a treasure trove to report on that.

I recently read an Associated Press poll that showed 40 percent of Democrats are of the opinion that the word “honest” barely applied or did not apply at all to Mrs. Clinton and 60 percent of Independents agreed.

These polling numbers would not be tolerated in the past, but for some reason the electorate and the press seem to overlook them for the Clintons. I wonder, does that say more about them or the lack of credibility of America’s voters?