‘Here Comes Everybody’

Our faith is more than just our own personal business; it’s more than just our own parish; it’s more than just our local dioceses; it’s more than even the national church in our country.

We are part of a Church that bears the four marks of the Church – one, holy, catholic and apostolic. We are founded by Christ, on the rock that is Peter and the Apostles.

As a Church, we are more than just the Church that we see here on Earth; we, as the Church universal, are part of the Church Militant, also the Church Triumphant, Church Penitent and Church Expectant.

We need to think big, not small, when it comes to the Church. True, we are part of history, and it is that incarnational moment that is the center of our Church and our salvation.

As Irish author, James Joyce, declared when describing the Church: “Here comes everybody.”

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