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HeartShare Launches New Multilingual Website to Better Connect with Community

The HeartShare School in Bath Beach has launched a new website. The school, which first opened its doors in 2007, serves children ages five to 21 with autism.

Available in six languages – Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Haitian Creole, and French – the new website features news, upcoming events and impact stories about how the school has transformed the lives of its students.

“We are proud that we have individualized curriculum and therapies to help children on the spectrum become as independent as possible,” said Director Sharon Toledo.

One student, Julia, has been at the school for about seven years and is now 13 years old. Her mother has seen the dramatic change in her.

“Julia could live on her own one day. I know she could work a part-time job. Julia has become very independent,” said Josephine, who can dream big because of the support her daughter and family found at The HeartShare School.

When Julia first started at age 6, she was unable to answer questions like, “How was school today?” Now, she can.

The HeartShare School offers physical, occupational and speech therapy, which is crucial especially to students diagnosed as non-verbal and learn to speak, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

The HeartShare School grows and thrives with the help of supportive parents and community partners. The school not only ensures that its students are a part of the local community, but also aims to give back to its many partners through its Community Engagement Program.

Students currently volunteer at local nursing homes, hospitals, grocery stores and libraries. The school has created a strong vocational program for its students contributing to attaining greater independence, such as how to follow a schedule, learning how to remain on task and how to cope with behavioral excesses.

Visit www.theheartshareschool.org or call 718-621-1614 to learn more.