Letters to the Editor

Grateful for the Sisters

Dear Editor: Please thank Sister Karen Cavanagh, C.S.J., for her inspirational reflection on the feasts of Our Lord’s Resurrection and Divine Mercy. They truly touched my heart.

Ozone Park


Dear Editor: While thumbing through The Tablet I noticed the obituary of a nun (Obituaries, March 28). Her name was Sister Marie Pierre Meyer, C.S.J., and I wondered to myself if she could be the Sister Marie Pierre of years ago who taught music at St. Francis de Sales. Indeed it was. She died at 94 years of age.

Here was a woman who would fly into the classroom, arms filled with books, harmonica, albums and record player. She would energetically sing, play music, set the tempo and explain to the class what an oboe and French horn were, and how in “Peter and the Wolf,” the instruments took on the characters of the story. She was a person who truly loved what she did and tried to impart that love on her students. She taught at St. Francis for seven years, 1960-1967, played musical instruments and was the moderator of the choir.

I still remember when, in third grade, she took the choir to a diocesan competition and we came in third place. Decked out in our blue robes and white beanies and stoles, we were so proud!

Of course, at this holy time of year we would rehearse all the Latin vespers without music. She had a set of wooden clackers that kept time. When I hear the vespers sung by monks, I think of her.

In an era when many of the priests and nuns have been criticized for their actions while trying to teach 50-60 children in a class, Sister Marie Pierre was a gift. Over the years, as I’ve sung to my own children, or played “Peter and the Wolf” for them, I thought of her and the wonderful gifts she gave us.

Rockaway Beach