Giving Thanks

We come once again to Thanksgiving Day, a day which is a key and defining moment in the United States of America. We come this Thanksgiving with our hearts filled with gratitude for the many gifts with which the Lord has blessed us.

Yes, we acknowledge that currently there seems to be a great deal of division in our beloved nation; but one thing was clear in the results of our last elections, namely that people wanted change. Others may feel that things have been going in the right direction and see no need for change; but it will be change nonetheless.

Now is the time for our nation to come together, especially people whose religious faith plays an important role in their daily lives. We have the opportunity to create a truly pro-life culture, one that offers, if we push for it, a consistent ethic of life from conception to natural death. We also need to be aware of the absolute need to respect all lives, including that of our migrants and immigrants.

We have an opportunity to come to a re appreciation of values of marriage and family life. We should recommit ourselves to the fact that marriage has been the bedrock of our society, the corner stone upon which our daily lives have ben built. It needs to appreciated anew and respected for the role that it plays in the divine plan of the creator.

Having just completed this extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, we have the example of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, who calls for our attitude of mercy to extend beyond the designated year and to make mercy a daily attitude by which we live. The pope is constantly reminding us to become more and more men and women of mercy, going out to the peripheries, meeting people where they are and bringing them to where they should be.

Sadly, the very human side of our church has been seen, especially in recent days, with disagreements between members of the hierarchy over the implementation of “Amoris Laetitia.” Our church needs to remain united, to be of one vision, recognizing the one truth who is Jesus Christ our Lord, not bickering over the minutiae of the “rules.”

Yes, this Thanksgiving our thoughts may be going in many different directions; however our hearts must be united in thanksgiving to God who creates all, the God of mercy, the God who saves.

May we take a few moments to thank God for the gift that He has given us, in all world and in our church.