Get Ready

Like the two-faced Roman god Janus, this end of our Catholic year and the beginning of the new one causes us to look in two directions, backward and forward, in retrospection and in anticipation.

In light of this, and in light of the recently concluded feast of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the season of Advent, there are three things for us to consider: first, be aware of the gifts received this year; second, take care of those gifts; and third, share those gifts.

Be aware of the gifts given and received in this past year of grace; all of the blessings which the Lord has bestowed on us. It is He who is the fount of all blessing. Thank God for all the kindness shown to us by so many people in our lives, those who are precious and dear to us, true gifts in our midst, and also those whom we really don’t know, and aren’t really aware of their sacrifices, especially the sacrifice of intercessory prayer made on our behalf.

Even for the challenges, the disagreements, thank God for them, for out of that conflict, we grow and goodness comes from that.

Take care of the gifts given to us. Like something fragile and precious, our gifts, our insights, our blessings must be nurtured and allowed to grow, if they are to truly flourish. Spend the time caring for those gifts on the natural level, but more importantly on the supernatural level with which we have been blessed.

Third, share those gifts that we have with those around us. All gifts are never really just for us and all gifts really must reflect the intention of the giver. The giver of all gifts is God; we need to spread and share those good gifts with those with whom we are blessed in our life.

Be aware, care and share. All good gifts around are sent from heaven above. Let’s never lose sight of the gifts with which we are blessed, especially each other.

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