Back to School 2015

Gearing up at St. Ephrem

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the enthusiastic sounds of students and teachers will be heard at St. Ephrem School in Dyker Heights. The school is proud of its strong Catholic values and faith- filled education.

Tours for prospective students and their parents can meet with Principal John Taormina and faculty by calling 718-833-1440 for an appointment. During the tour, visitors will find a recently renovated school building with faculty ready and eager to educate their children. St. Ephrem School administration and faculty educate every student a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

St. Ephrem School has an Early Childhood Program (early nursery, nursery, pre-K, and kindergarten). Grades one through five are self-contained and grades sixth through eighth are departmental in order to prepare students for high school.

St. Ephrem has an outstanding technology program with a new computer lab, extensive software, SMART Boards in every classroom, and a new high school preparatory iPad program in seventh and eighth grades. iPads will be available for students in the lower grades so that primary and intermediate teachers can infuse technology into the curriculum.

“I remember when I started teaching 18 years ago, there was no technology in the classroom,” the school principal said. “Our students have so much information at their finger tips.”

In addition to every classroom having a SMART Board and iPads, students have computer instruction twice a week with the computer teacher in the computer lab. This gives ample opportunity for the computer teacher to collaborate with classroom teachers on projects.

Students consistently score well on the state and diocese standardized tests and many are recipients of Catholic high school academic scholarships.

The Catholic identity of the school can be immediately felt and is very evident. Religion is not just an isolated subject that the student must sit through everyday. Students are taught in religion class that what is learned should be performed in society. So, students learn to live the Gospel.

The students also participate in Common Core Writer’s Workshop and Enrichment Programs that extends and expand all areas of curriculum. Math computational skills are taught through REFLEX Math and the Renzulli Enrichment Program.

If you are currently looking for an academically challenging, respectful and family environment for a school, come and see St. Ephrem School.