Guest Columnists

Friendships Are Eternal

by Bill and Monica Dodds

We’ve reconnected with a number of longtime friends over the past few months, and it has been interesting to see how relationships can pick right up where they left off — no awkwardness, no uncertainty, just a true joy.

A few people, during a particular time of our lives, were best friends. Most were good friends. All had shared a part of our lives, and we had shared a part of theirs during high school or living together in a house just off campus in college, in the trenches of a job or on the sidelines watching little ones try to play soccer.

It was Monica’s terminal illness and a prognosis that she had a year at most to live that spurred us to get into contact with some of them. When others heard the news through the grapevine, it nudged them to get in touch with us.

There has been reminiscing, laughter and talk about what the two of us are facing. There have been some tears.

Always, there has been an appreciation of what was and recognition of what still is: an interest in the other, a concern for the other, a love for the other.

There have been promises of prayers here and in the hereafter. The two of us have discovered that one of the blessings of Monica’s condition has been the time to reunite with those friends, if only for a short visit, phone call or exchange of e-mails.

This is the time, while there is time, to make that call, send that note or e-mail. Friendship, which has its foundation in love, doesn’t end with death.

The quote, “Friendships begun in this world will be taken up again, never to be broken off,” has been attributed to St. Francis de Sales. It’s a lovely thought, a comforting thought and it is the truth.[hr] The Dodds write a syndicated column for Catholic News Service.