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Flushing Principal Will Be Honored for Excellence


The Catholic School Administration Association (CSAA) has announced that Debora Hanna, principal at St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy, Flushing, will receive its prestigious Lighting the Fire for Catholic Education award on Sunday, Dec. 3, at a dinner at The Marriott in Albany.

The award is traditionally given to a leader of a Catholic education organization in which a commitment to excellence is clearly evident through programs designed to meet the spiritual, academic and social-emotional needs of all students.

The nominees must also show a strong commitment to leadership through active membership in professional associations and be respected by students, colleagues, parents and the community at large. He/she must assume an active role in his or her parish community, distinguishing him or herself as a leader in civic, religious and humanitarian activities.

Hanna’s tenure as principal at St. Andrew’s began in 2004, where she was also teaching since 1985. She is a hands-on administrator who is directly involved in all aspects of the school: the curriculum, guiding teachers and the religious education of the students. She is personally involved in the well-being of each and every student, and cares for their intellectual and emotional growth.

“Mrs. Hanna continually demonstrates great leadership and embodies the spirit of our church and our community,” said Father Joseph T. Holcomb, pastor of St. Andrew Avellino. “Her contributions have helped enrich, and continue to enrich the academic experience for countless young students. This award is well-deserved!”

The CSAA of New York State supports Catholic education by contributing to and advancing the professional, spiritual and personal development of Catholic school administrators.

St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy was founded in 1924 as a parish school. Now as an academy, it continues to be dedicated to living the principles of the Catholic tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which allows students to learn and serve God and others, to develop their unique talents and skills, to strive for academic excellence and become life-long learners.

2 thoughts on “Flushing Principal Will Be Honored for Excellence

  1. A very well deserved congratulations to Mrs. Hanna, we are blessed to have you as the leader and beacon of light for our school and children. Thank you for your selfless dedication, pursuit of excellence, and the model of honor you set for us all. You have always made our school feel more like a big family, that welcomes the diverse cultures and communities that make up our beautiful parish.
    God Bless and Thank You

  2. It is truly wonderful that Mrs. Hanna is being recognized for being the amazing leader that she is. Her dedication and compassion shine through in all of the aspects of her work as an administrator, educator and role model. I am so blessed to have my children at St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy, Thank You!