Boomers & Beyond – April 2018

Financial Stability Through Reverse Mortgage

Why Choose American Advisors Group?

Reverse mortgage professional Hank McManus of the American Advisors Group, presents this question and answer feature on reverse mortgages, which is similar to exchanges he has had with some local clients.

Why should I choose the American Advisors Group?

Fair question.

As the nation’s leading reverse mortgage lender, American Advisor’s Group (AAG) is committed to helping homeowners, age 62 and over, gain the financial stability they deserve by helping them to convert a portion of their home equity into cash. Equity, of course, is the difference between what your house is worth, and what – if anything – you owe on it.

At AAG, we work very hard to find solutions for homeowners that fit their unique needs. A reverse mortgage from AAG, as well as a growing home equity line of credit can be an effective way to convert home equity into cash.

Well, what’s this about number one?

Glad you asked. AAG is presently the nation’s number one reverse mortgage lender; measured by the highest volume of successful loans funded in recent months! No competitor even comes close.

What else?

AAG is an established company that you can trust. We are Better Business Bureau accredited, a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved lender and a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA).

Impressive, but tell me more.

Well, you can learn more from your Brooklyn and Queens neighbors who AAG has helped find the financial security they deserve.

We have built our success throughout the NYC boroughs on a strong foundation by offering superior customer service to our borrowers, nurturing our drive for innovation and excellence; while operating with the highest degree of integrity.

Ok, I hear ya. … But I am a skeptical New Yorker and I want to hear all this directly from a real person!

Fine. Call today at 917-539-1623 and speak to me, Hank McManus, your neighborhood AAG Advisor. That is my cell phone number where you can reach me anytime that works for you. When you call, ask me about the unique financial solutions that only a loan from AAG can offer you.

You’ll understand why there are many excellent reasons why we are number one.

Top 10 Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

The reverse mortgage is hailed as a versatile retirement funding tool. Hank McManus, a local reverse mortgage consultant at American Advisors Group, offers his top 10 list of uses for a reverse mortgage:

1. Pay off forward mortgage to reduce monthly expenses.

2. Re-model home to accommodate limitations associated with age.

3. Maintain a line of credit (that grows a lot of credit) for health emergencies.

4. Hold onto other assets while their value continues to grow.

5. Avoid selling assets at depressed values.

6. Pay for health insurance until Medicare eligible at 65.

7. Pay Medicare Part B and Part D.

8. Combine life tenure payments with Social Security and income generated by assets to replace salary and maintain monthly routine of paying bills.

9. Pay children’s or grandchildren’s college or professional education.

10. Maintain a “standby” cash reserve to get through the ups and downs of investment markets.

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