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Fight For Schools Doesn’t Break

School may not have been in session, but the fight to get relieve from the high cost of education goes on.

Cahill speaksCity Councilman Eric Ulrich and State Attorney General candidate John Cahill held a small rally outside St. Francis de Sales Academy, Belle Harbor, to continue the push for the Education Tax Credit legislation that failed in Albany’s last session.

They were joined by Christopher Scharbach, principal of St. Francis de Sales; Father Patrick Longalong, parochial vicar at the parish, as well as by Jewish school leaders from the neighborhood, local lay leaders and students.

Councilman Ulrich explained that parents who send their children to a parochial school are paying twice – once for a seat in a public school and once for the private school tuition.

He also pointed out that parochial schools save the tax payers millions of dollars each year.

“Albany must keep its promise and provide some relief for these families. The Education Investment Tax Credit is a common sense piece of legislation that will encourage private donations to scholarship funds to support education in our state. As Attorney General, I know John Cahill will be a tireless advocate for all students and will work to guarantee that every child has access to a quality education,” said Councilman Ulrich.

“Education is the civil rights issue of our time. To deny students access to a quality education and condemn them to failing schools violates our state constitution,” Cahill said. “As Attorney General, I will be the students’ lawyer and I will fight for their right to a quality education which includes passage of the education tax credit.”