“Fake Clinics”

On July 15, the New York Daily News reported that Democratic Councilman Peter Koo of Flushing has given close to $24,000 in donations to The Bridge to Life, a not-for-profit organization which provides counseling to over 4,000 women who are in need, giving them free pregnancy tests, donations of maternity and baby clothes and supplies and referrals to housing and other services.

His political opponent, Alison Tan, who is running for his seat, stated: “Simply put, your anti-choice, anti-woman positions do not reflect the values of New York City’s Democratic voters,” and urged him to give an equal amount of money to pro-choice groups.

Koo, who through his spokesman, Stephen Seiber, stated: “Council member Koo supports a women’s right to choose. He funds hundreds of social service organizations that support women and families,” he said.

“He funded this group because they provide a host of services to new mothers, from car seats to baby clothes, and the Council member is proud to help make these resources more available to Flushing families.”

The Bridge to Life is called a “fake clinic” by Andrea Miller of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC in the Daily News article, and is required by law to post a sign stating that no medical services are provided on site. And, of course, The Bridge to Life, a fine organization which wants nothing more to serve, complies.

It’s sad that an organization which seeks to make people’s lives better, one which is pro-life in all senses of the word, caring not only for the unborn child and the expectant mother, but also in the temporal care of the born child and the new mother, has become an object of political attack and public scrutiny.

As people of faith and as people who seek to be kind, decent and merciful, we should support these “fake clinics” like The Bridge to Life which are doing work that “real clinics” like the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood refuses to do. Drop a note this week of support to the The Bridge to Life (thebridgetolife.org) and find out what they are doing to help make this dark world just a little bit brighter for the people of Queens and beyond.

And drop a note of thanks and support to Councilman Koo, who wisely sees the need for the real good this “fake clinic” provides.

2 thoughts on ““Fake Clinics”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I am proud of the Bridge to Life which helps thousands of women and children. It is obvious that its critics have never visited it and are just reading from pro abortion talking points. Helping mothers and kids should not be a political football. It is clear that people who call themselves “pro choice” see abortion as the only choice. If anything is fake, it is the idea that Planned Parenthood is a “health center”. The reality is that it is a death center that offers virtually nothing in terms of pre natal care or referrals for adoption. How sad, that people who offer life affirming choices should be condemned by those who claim they “care about women”.

  2. Dear Editor,
    This is in response to your recent article about Ms. Tan’s concern about discretionary funding
    going To The Bridge to Life, Inc.

    Quoted from Mother Teresa, “You can judge the culture of a society by the way treats its most vulnerable members”.

    What a shame when a society has to reach its lowest common denominator and exclude city funding for the most vulnerable members, disadvantaged, parenting mothers.

    If Ms Tan were to visit The Bridge To Life on any given Wednesday, she would see over 30 to 40 women receiving necessary items for their families.
    Every pregnant woman goes away with a care package of essential items to bring their baby home from the hospital. This would include a handmade blanket, and if needed, a borrowed car seat. We operate almost exclusively from private donations.
    What a shame that you have to exploit your opponent’s s kindness for your gain. The only losers, once again, are our moms and their families.

    Catherine Donohoe, MS, RN
    President of the Board of Directors,
    The Bridge to Life Inc.
    718.463.1810, c917.929.2752