Back to School 2015

Faith, Knowledge and Service: St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi (SFA) School, located in the vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood of Astoria, is proud to be building a Caring Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service.

Each new school year brings an exciting opportunity to begin a new learning experience for SFA’s growing school community. Imagining all the wonders that students will encounter during the course of this 2015/2016 school year gives SFA faculty and staff members, reasons to surge forward in their pursuit of building a strong school of excellence. Education researcher, Maxine Greene, said: “The child is a veritable image of becoming, poised to reach towards what is not yet, towards a growing that cannot be predetermined or prescribed. The potential is there, and it is up to us to create the learning environment in which it can prosper and succeed.” St. Francis of Assisi School firmly believes that it is a privilege to be able to help a child, with all their God-given gifts and talents, grow and flourish.


St. Francis of Assisi School strives to build a “way of life” rooted in Christ and a Catholic vision that provides inspiration and identity to all the members of the school community. SFA believes in the dignity of all human beings and supports a Christian-laden environment that builds respectful relationships throughout our school. More Catholic teachings, principles, values, and social justice themes will be purposefully integrated into SFA’s curriculum content and instructional activities to build and strengthen the students’ faith.


SFA’s main academic goal is to use the Common Core State Standards as a means to keep developing an improved curriculum and an invigorated instructional program in which students will be fully engaged in cognitively challenging tasks and encouraged to actively participate in their own learning. SFA will strive to teach students to take ownership of their education by assessing their individual academic and personal progress and by helping them set goals for themselves in an attainable and progressive design. During this school year, special care values, including cooperation, responsibility, respect, and empathy, will be formally recognized in students. Gaining both academic and personal knowledge will be an important means to advance our students’ growth.


During this school year, the SFA community will show a strong desire to serve others as reflected in this year’s school theme, “As for Me and My House, We will Serve the Lord.” Through their active involvement in selected school-wide service projects, students will build a caring service community.