Evil All Around Us

So many dramatic events have occurred around the world in the past few weeks that it’s sobering to attempt to find a common thread. Perhaps, it is that we are standing at a pivotal time when either the rule of order will dominate or chaos will become the day-to-day continuum.

Our hope is on reason and peace as people strive to come to a common understanding of who they are and where they want to be.

Certainly, the murder of police officers is totally out of bounds. Leaders of involved communities must come to the realization that the maintenance of public order in society is the only way to dialogue about how we all will live together.

Dissident groups that turn to violence are out of line and should be unequivocally condemned by all those who are gifted with proper authority. Civil and religious leaders must strongly condemn the violence that threatens our peace.

The most recent murders of police officers in Baton Rouge are an affront to the public good and any semblance of decency. Civil strife has caused the emotionally unbalanced to step forward and to seek a solution in their deranged actions.

Our hearts and prayers at this moment are with the families of these slain officers in Louisiana as the nation looks for strong leadership and a balanced view of the future that will help pull us out of this moat of evil that has surrounded us.

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