Diocesan News

Evangelizing Prospect Heights


The newly named Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, Prospect Heights, held a parish evangelization mission, June 11-23. Thirty nuns, seminarians, deacons and priests of the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE) spent two weeks knocking on doors, inviting people back to Church.

It was the first mission directed by Father Brian Dinkel, IVE, who was ordained to the priesthood only a few days before. Every day, the IVE community went on home visits and in the evenings held a rosary procession in which they walked around the neighborhood carrying an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A mission sermon was preached each evening along with catechetical activities for the children. The sisters and seminarians also provided entertainment on the steps of the Co-Cathedral every night.

Some of the themes included: the desire for God, suffering, St. Joseph, the model of faith, the joy of the Eucharist, Fidelity to God, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Father Brian also spent a portion of each night explaining a section of the Creed and living out faith in day- to-day lives.

At the conclusion, the IVE community presented Msgr. Kieran Harrington, pastor, with lists of people in the neighborhood who are interested in returning to the Church, who are in need of sacraments and who are sick or homebound and wish to receive Holy Communion.

Above, Sister Mary Faithful Virgin entertains children in a park and below, Brothers Ted Trinko, center, and Michael Zhang, seminarians with the Institute of the Incarnate Word, visit with John Carroll at his home.