Back to School 2017

Early Childhood Center Meets Needs of Williamsburg Families

(Photos: The Mount Carmel Early Childhood Center)

In the borough of Brooklyn and beyond, Williamsburg has gained a reputation as a vibrant artistic community. As the population has grown in leaps and bounds, the wider world is learning what locals have always known: Williamsburg is a great place to raise family!

There is a growing demand for high-quality preschools in the neighborhood, and The Mount Carmel Early Childhood Center is meeting that need.

All Faiths, Backgrounds

Having opened its doors in October 2016, this new outreach program of the Diocese of Brooklyn offers a non-sectarian curriculum, welcoming families of all faiths and backgrounds.

The center introduced itself to the community through the Drop-in Center, an informal playspace for toddlers and their caregivers. Four mornings a week, rain or shine, the spacious indoor gymnasium is available for play and exploration.

The gym transforms into a haven of toys, appropriate from birth to age two-and-a-half, including vehicles to ride, balls to bounce and age-appropriate structures for climbing, sliding, moving and romping.

In addition to providing a reliable space as the weather turns cold, Drop-In offers new parents and caregivers an easy and supportive place to meet new friends. An experienced early childhood staff facilitates the program, engaging with children and adults alike.

Throughout this year, the staff has had the joy of watching babies grow and develop – rolling, crawling and even first steps! The room regularly hummed with activity; children were busy with blocks for building, props for pretending, books for reading and art materials for mini-masterpieces. Drop-In friends quickly became regulars as word spread through the neighborhood and interest in the preschool grew.

Enrolled Program

This September, the center will welcome 63 two- and three-year-olds to a fully enrolled preschool program. The bright, newly renovated space includes beautifully equipped classrooms, a sunny, spacious outdoor area, and of course, the gymnasium that so many Drop-In regulars have come to know and love.

With nurturing guidance and developmentally appropriate practice, teachers will introduce children to a lifelong love of learning.

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