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Dyker Heights School Spreads Christmas Spirit – Our Lady of Guadalupe Continues Tradition of Gift-Giving


Joined together in prayer and song, the school community of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dyker Heights, recently celebrated its decades-old Christmas Gift-Giving Day tradition.

Sponsored by the Student Council, the annual program encourages students and faculty to provide gifts of toys and clothing to children ranging from newborns to teenagers at two Brooklyn parishes: Our Lady of Victory, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and St. Michael-St. Malachy, East New York.

Students and faculty presented their brightly wrapped gifts in procession to the sponsoring Student Council officers and class representatives at a gift-giving ceremony on the feast of St. Lucy, Dec. 13.

Voluntary Effort

Earlier this month, students and faculty were invited to select gift tags – each representing one present they would purchase for a child. Although the program is voluntary, not a single tag was left unclaimed.

At the gift-giving ceremony, the designated parishes were represented by Sister Bernadette, a Sister of Mercy from Our Lady of Victory, and Sister Esperanza, a Sister of the Incarnate Word from St. Michael-St. Malachy.

Boys and girls at Our Lady of Guadalupe School embrace the belief that by giving to others, they are free to respond to God’s love. In all things, faculty and administrators aim “To Teach as Jesus.”

The prayer of the faithful at the assembly was particularly powerful, as the school community called for the nations of the world to listen to each other and asked that Jesus, forced to flee His own home as an infant, comfort those who must be away from home during Christmas.

Continued Faithfulness

Both of the religious sisters thanked the students for their generosity and faithfulness over the years.

In the spirit of gift-giving, the school community also presented their pastor, Msgr. Robert J. Romano, with a Christmas present. In thanking those assembled, he praised the students for their willingness to sacrifice and share with others.

Principal Sister Dolores F. Crepeau, C.S.J., reminded students to be considerate of others and be open to their needs.

The event was organized by the Student Council, moderated by Nora Fiskaa. Accompaniment during the carol singing was provided by Janet Cullen, music teacher and director of the student choruses, and the Tone Chime Choir.