Letters to the Editor

Duty to Speak Out

Dear Editor: I am responding to Michael Cholewska’s letter (July 15) to assure him that I have not forgotten, nor do I overlook, the fact that President Trump was duly and “legally” elected to the presidency.

There is also no doubt that those Americans who voted for him endorse his pledge to “Make America Great Again” through such measures as the repeal and replacement of Obama Care with a vastly superior program, building a wall that Mexico will fully pay for, “draining the swamp in Washington” by stocking his administration with millionaires and family members, all lacking governmental experience and unleashing American business from federal regulatory constraints that protect the consumer and our environment.

Yes, this is all happening now, but I maintain that it is the civic duty of all ethical citizens to speak out vociferously, lobby our Representatives and Senators to counteract this agenda.

Edward Wawrynek

Bay Ridge