Letters to the Editor

Don’t Forget Single Life…

Dear Editor: In a recent Tablet article about vocations (Bishop’s School Visit Encourages Vocations, Nov. 18), a seventh grader who was interviewed referred to a vocation website sponsored by DeSales Media Group (www.whatsmycalling.org). The seventh grader’s comment about three vocations prompted me to visit the site, which contained links to priesthood/diaconate, religious life and married life. I was both disappointed and frustrated that single life was not included.

As a 63-year-old single woman, I have taught 42 years in Catholic schools, am a certified spiritual director, and serve in various ministries in my parish of St. Luke’s. I have just retired from teaching and am helping to spearhead a new Lenten program for the parish. In spite of being regarded as a second-class citizen in the Church, I have and will continue to practice good discernment as I live out my calling.

I know many single women and men who generously share their time, talent and treasure, not only with their faith community, but with family, friends and co-workers. They serve as ministers and mentors, leaders and caregivers. They embrace their vocation as single people in the Church and live it out selflessly.

I hope that the Church realizes the value of those who are single instead of acknowledging them as an afterthought or ignoring them altogether.



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