Letters to the Editor

Don’t Forget About the Brothers

Dear Editor: I read with interest The Tablet editorial titled, “A Radical Call” (Nov. 18). The writer certainly shows passion for the Year of Vocations. For this, I give thanks.

However, I was disappointed in what I assume to be an unintentional omission in the second sentence of the first paragraph. While properly calling for more vocations among men to the priesthood and among women to Consecrated Life, the piece leaves out the vocation of the religious Brother in Consecrated Life.

I know The Tablet has done well in other issues in recognizing and celebrating the vocation of Brothers in many communities. That is why I view the omission as an unintentional one. It is still disappointing, however, and a bit discouraging, to have to point out the deficiency in what is otherwise a fine testimony to the beauty of and need for vocations in the Church.

I look forward to the inclusion of the life of the religious Brothers in future pieces on vocations as well as additional pieces on vocations to the order of deacons, the married life, and that of those in the dedicated single state.