Letters to the Editor

Disrespect for Bishops

Dear Editor: In mid-March, NET-TV (Currents) reported that NY Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie refused to meet with Catholic bishops. Does this surprise anyone including the acquiescence of the bishops? One does not criticize a black Democrat if his policies are at variance with the teachings or interests of the Catholic Church. There are few Cardinal Spellmans who took on Mrs. Roosevelt or Patrick Scanlan who took on everyone who attacked the Church.

A great deal of blame for this disrespect lies with our African-American parishioners who are in lockstep with the Democratic Party. A well-known inner city priest known for his ministry to the marginalized had the audacity (maybe courage) to instruct parishioners in a predominately African-American parish that some of the policies of the Obama Administration ran counter to the Church’s teaching. This priest never crossed the vaunted “church-state” line that only Catholics abide by. A mini riot ensued. When race counts more than Catholic identity, you can forget educational tax credits and now even respect.


East Flatbush