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Diocese of Brooklyn Responds to New York Attorney General’s Subpoena

Diocese of Brooklyn Responds to New York State Attorney General’s Subpoena and Investigation

The Diocese of Brooklyn has received the subpoena sent by the New York State Attorney General and we are in the process of reviewing it. We have been collaborating closely with law enforcement for many years and stand ready to work with her office on this investigation.

In 2002, the Diocese of Brooklyn handed over all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest or deacon, to the district attorneys in Brooklyn and Queens. Since that time, we have adopted a zero tolerance policy and have reported any and all allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement.

One thought on “Diocese of Brooklyn Responds to New York Attorney General’s Subpoena

  1. All Catholics have to be open to whatever the truth is,no matter how painful.
    We know that,at least in Brooklyn ,we have taken an aggressive approach but in all honestly ,none of us should be surprised if an Attorney General’s investigation uncovered more.
    If that happens we have to accept it.We should encourage all investigations into anybody that has access to young people.
    Therefore ,why isn’t the attorney general also issuing an investigation into other areas .Is the teachers union which harbors accused abusers and protects them not being looked into?
    As well ans Boy Scouts, Little Leagues and frankly all youth organizations?
    If the AG is implying that this problem only exists in The catholic Church I would think that she is motivated by pure prejudice.
    All people therefore who work with young people should be scrutinized.No matter how painful!!
    If there are any statistice stating that this is only a Catholic problem then they should be made public along with her study.If not a statewide investigation of youth organizations should be started.
    Is she saying that it doesn’t exist because it hasn’t been covered by the media or challanged by any politicians?
    I find it difficult to believe that this only exists in the Church.
    We are doing everything possible to root out persons that are violating human dignity in the worst way possible.
    It should continue ,agressivly to see if we missed anything .Catholis are outraged!!
    But,I challange the AG if she is claiming it only exists in The Church.
    Lets protect all children.